Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Cranes & Custom Engineered Material Handling System


The main components, derived from our standard product line, are designed for lifting capacities up to 160 t. The modular concept will enable us to not only meet our customer’s individual requirements, but also efficiently produce a high quality winch.

The STANMEK Winch incorporates the worlds most modern, innovative designs resulting in a dependable, low maintenance, cost effective product. Like all our products, the STANMEK Winch is also available explosion-protected for hazardous environments.

The new STANMEK Winch

  • Standard components are used, proven in thousands of applications
  • Modular structure ensures maximum flexibility to fit your needs
  • Versatile drive technology to meet demanding specifications
  • Bolted supporting structure facilitates on-site assembly
  • Innovative wire rope reeving results in compact overall headroom