Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Cranes & Custom Engineered Material Handling System


Capacity Range

0.5 Ton to 20 Ton

Span Range

3 metres to 30 metres

Single girder dual motor cranes provide greater floor coverage than other type cranes. The close crane end approaches coupled with a close trolley approach hoist give you more working floor coverage. This can reduce your space requirements in new buildings, or expand your usable space in existing buildings.

  • Overhead Bridge controls and festooning complete a quality crane package.
  • Adjustable torque magnetic disc / shoe brake for smooth operation.
  • Forged steel crane wheels for long life.
  • Top quality hoists matched to the duty required.
  • Custom engineered to your application.
  • Electric hoist conforms to IS : 3938
  • State of art Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and operations inspection are incorporated upto all manufacturing processes and you get it all in writing.
  • Safety, easy operation, reduced maintenance and long life.


  • H-4 heavy-duty hoists
  • The features you want; 100% duty cycle, multiple lifting speeds, true vertical lift


  • Top running or for more compact cranes, "ultra low headroom" trolleys that ride between the cross girders, not on top of them
  • Featuring heavy plate steel and channel construction with full length ribs for added strength
  • Smooth operation using 100% duty cycle motors and heavy duty drive wheels

Drive Motors

  • Continuous-duty, fan-cooled motors with thermal overload protection are available
  • Capable of 60 minutes/hour operation, 24 hours a day, 365 days/year
  • Gearbox is integral to motor and operates in a totally enclosed oil bath


  • Solid state computerized motor control circuits permit "soft start" and "smooth, no pendulum, stop" while allowing maximum travel speeds under load
  • Crane travel speed can be varied from top speed down to a creep. And over 100 speeds in between for precise load placement

Operator Pushbutton Pendant

  • Pendant is constructed of nearly indestructible, lightweight composite material
  • Compact design for one-hand operation, allowing operator to direct load with free hand

End Trucks

  • Engineered to form a single structural box which remains square and resists torsional forces throughout the crane's life
  • Close tolerance fabrication utilizes custom designed welding jigs to achieve precise alignment


  • Drop forged 1045 steel, carburized to 600 BHN hardness
  • Long life, oversized wheels conforming to Class D specifications are standard
  • Double flanged wheels ride smoothly and accommodate some rail misalignment

Independent Travelling Pushbutton Pendant

  • Pushbutton Pendant travels independent of trolley to allow operator to stand away from large and dangerous loads
  • Flatwire ribbon cable incorporating spare conductors

End Truck to Bridge Beam Connection

  • Notched interlocking connection minimizes torsional movement of beam and keeps crane compact
  • Fault-proof right angle alignment is achieved using zero tolerance body bolts

Bridge Girders

  • Conservative design produces 5 to 1 safety factor
  • Box beam fabrication of high-technology extended-capacity steel (A36 or A544) which minimizes vertical and lateral deflection