Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Cranes & Custom Engineered Material Handling System


Our wide range of wire rope and chain hoists offers you the greatest variety of hoists in the world. However unconventional your material flow requirement is, we can provide the solution. The adaptable wire rope hoists and winches are available as a modular system with safe working loads from 500 kg to 160,000 kg. Our reliable chain hoists can be used universally in the safe working load range from 125 kg to 5,000 kg.

The strongest point of the STANMEK wire rope hoist range is the concentration of power and function in ever more restricted space. This is accompanied by innovative design, maintenance-friendliness and STANMEK proverbial reliability. The comprehensiveness of their standard equipment and the wide range of the most varied options turn STANMEK wire rope hoists into universally applicable top performers.

The main characteristics of the STANMEK INGENIEURS WIRE ROPE HOIST

  • compact dimensions provided by 'U'-shaped construction
  • optimum cooling of motor
  • gear with lifetime lubrication
  • no open gearing
  • motor and brake easily accessible
  • drum easily accessible making replacing rope easy
  • closed rope guide in cast metal