Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Cranes & Custom Engineered Material Handling System


Gantry Cranes provide the same strength and durability of Overhead Bridge Cranes. Gantry end trucks ride on ASCE rail, or square bar, secured to the factory floor, instead of on the runway structure that supports Bridge Cranes. The gantry crane is raised above the floor by support legs mounted on the end trucks.

Why Gantry Cranes?

  • No need to install runway system
  • Cost-effective solution to long runway distances
  • Indoor and outdoor transitions of a load
  • Can be easily relocated or moved
  • Doesnt require fixed runway structures

Trackless Gantry Cranes for clear access to the work area

The 4" high ASCE rail used for Gantry Cranes is secured to the floor. When access to area under the crane is needed for carts, trucks, or fork lifts, you have two options 1. you can embed the rail in the concrete floor, adding significantly to the cost of the system 2. you can use Stanmek trackless gantry. This crane has one leg with flat steel wheels which rides directly on a thin 3/8" flat steel plate attached to the concrete floor. The other leg of crane rides on ASCE rail for proper tracking. The trackless gantry saves money by eliminating the cost of one length of rail and its installation. It also eliminates nearly all floor obstructions.