Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Cranes & Custom Engineered Material Handling System


Our wide range of wire rope and chain hoists offers you the greatest variety of hoists in the world. However unconventional your material flow requirement is, we can provide the solution. The adaptable wire rope hoists and winches are available as a modular system with safe working loads from 500 kg to 160,000 kg. Our reliable chain hoists can be used universally in the safe working load range from 125 kg to 5,000 kg.

STANMEK chain hoist programme is one of the most striking and wide-ranging on offer in the world. In use in thousands of applications for decades, modernised and optimised over and over again, the STANMEK chain hoist is a classic. The series is available in 12 S.W.L. ranges from 125 kg to 5,000 kg.

It can be used as a stationary hoist with a suspension hook, with rigid mounting, with push or electric trolley, and is particularly suitable for rugged industrial applications.


Maximum safety: patented suspension directly at the chain guide Optimum space utilisation: low headroom dimensions Precise and flexible: two speeds as standard Long lifetime: in accordance with FEM, “power reserves” incorporated Low running costs: long-life brake and low-wear slipping clutch Maintenance friendly: innovative chain drive Fast availability: You order – we deliver straight away